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  • Sub Subcutaneous natural testosterone
  • Helps weight loss
  • Increase in energy
  • Improves sexual activity
  • Helps the symptoms of menopause
  • Improves memory and concentration
  • For men and women

As part of the normal aging process, the hormonal function of our body decreases slowly over the years. An efficient and modern way to restore that function is to use natural medicines like testosterone - presented here in the form of Rejuvchip. Rejuvchip is a safe and effective way to reverse aging. Rejuvchip are bioidentical hormones, created through a botanical source. Rejuvchip testosterone (T) is introduced into our body in its natural molecular form without altering normal physiology, as in the case of synthetic hormones. Both men and women who use the chip can enjoy a number of health benefits. This makes perfect sense, knowing that the symptoms and conditions of low (T) are universal and affect both sexes. Benefits include increased physical and mental energy, improved libido, sexual satisfaction, healthy physical and a constant sense of well-being. In addition, women in the premenopausal stage also benefit from the relief of hot flashes, vaginal rejuvenation, increased bone density and improved sleep. According to research, pellets (T) can reduce the risk of breast cancer and provide excellent hormonal balance. Conditions of estrogen dominance, such as breast cancer, uterine fibroids, obesity and fibromyalgia, show improvements through the testosterone implant. This is due to the help that the paddles provide the body and the hormonal balance. In addition, natural testosterone in the body when released slowly and steadily imitates the inherent physiology of the body, resulting in minimal side effects and superior results. After proper evaluation and informed consent, testosterone pellets are inserted with local anesthesia, through a 3 mm incision in the hip. The procedure takes about three minutes and is not painful. A surgical adhesive tape is removed after four days and the benefits begin to appear within two weeks and last about three to five months in women, and six months in men. Diet, exercise and dietary supplements are considered as an important part of treatment.